Taking Care Of Immediate Carpet Stains

There are plenty of times when an accident happens over the clean carpet you have installed throughout your home, and more often than not, it can leave behind a permanent stain unless it is taken care of promptly, or through an experienced carpet cleaning company.

In Florida, the constant rain and muddy conditions can leave dirt and staining throughout your entire home’s carpeting, making it look old, worn, and outdated. This causes your house’s appearance to deteriorate with it! It is absolutely vital that you contact a professional cleaning company as soon as you are able to have them come out and take care of the stain. Kasandjo’s Chem-Dry, located near Boynton Beach & Boca Raton, http://www.kasandjoschemdry.com/, was the business we decided to go with when our children accidentally spilled a cup of red juice all over the living room carpet. After attempting to blot out the staining with a wet towel, we decided to call a carpet cleaning business to give us an estimate and quote on what they thought would be the cost of the process.

After we were able to have the Chem-Dry team come out, they gave us an extremely affordable quote, and the work was completed in a very small period of time. In all honesty, the carpet looks even newer and fresher than it did within a few weeks of us originally purchasing it! It is fluffy, soft, and has a beautiful color to it, that’s not tainted by dirt or staining.


The red stain was located on a brighter colored carpet, so originally we were very worried that it wouldn’t come out. The team at Kasandjo’s, however, put us at ease once we described what had happened, where it was located, and how long ago it had occurred. They were very professional and courteous, and the total time to complete the process was done in a single day. Not only that, but the carpet was dry and fine to walk on within hours!

If you ever encounter a troublesome or difficult stain to remove, one of the most important things to do is take care of it as soon as you can! Whether you decide to call a professional carpet cleaner like we did, or want to go the DIY-route and rent a carpet cleaner of your own, taking the first step as quickly as possible is vital.