Save Water & Money!

Owning a home has a lot of hidden costs associated with it – and some homes also have a much higher monthly cost associated with it than do others (particularly newer homes).  This is simply due to the advancement of technology and science that have allowed us to standardize and improve the efficiency at which we consume energy, water and fuel.  Of course, owning an old home isn’t a bad thing – and with the right time, effort, and money invested you can improve your home to be just as efficient as a brand new one today.  One of the less common, but just as important topics related to a home’s energy efficiency is water efficiency.  There are several things you can personally do – like reusing water where necessary, or limiting time in showers, and regulating flushes.  However, the important subject to cover is how you can improve your home to automatically conserve water through regulating its efficiency.

Plumbing Inspection

The first thing you should do to assess your home’s water efficiency is a full blown plumbing inspection.  Now some of you may want to handle this one on your own – which is fine, but it is dependent on experience and knowledge, and the less you know the less you are going to be able to diagnose and repair.  For those of you that aren’t against leveraging the power of a professional, I definitely recommend taking advantage of them and figuring out every possible issue that could contribute to wasting water – whether it’s leaking pipes, poorly threaded connections and fixtures, or out dated regulators and designs.  The best plumbers that I’ve hired in Raleigh were from Mr. Rooter of Wake County.  In fact, because I’ve used Mr. Rooter in the past, I didn’t have to pay for the plumbing inspection – that’s right, it was free!  That’s because any time you use Mr. Rooter for a repair or service, they provide a complementary inspection during each visit – which has actually turned out to be very useful!  Outside of the freebie they offer, they also provide some very talented, well-trained technicians for their service, which makes tackling the topic of efficiency much, much easier when you have a plumber that is familiar with technology in 2014.

Additional Resources

If, for some reason, you want to avoid having a plumber or their company perform an inspection, then you can always request that the City of Raleigh come to your home and conduct a code inspection – which is more comprehensive than just ‘efficiency’, and you will know if anything is in violation.  Also, the City of Raleigh provides helpful tips and advice about water conservation and efficiency that you can incorporate into your life and home in order to save the most.