Replacement Window Service

A very important service that any home owner needs immediately is window replacement. All of our homes can take a big beating from weather and our kid’s activities. I can’t tell you home many times my son has damage my windows throwing rocks or sports balls. Weather can take a very large toll on homes by damaging the window frames and wearing out the energy efficiency of the glass. There five very common signs to look for when considering whether or not your windows need replacement.

  1. If you see rotting or cracks in your window trim then you should be thinking about replacing your windows. This is generally a sign of water damage and if not handled immediately you have a good chance of having a mold issue.
  2. Leelayoova_Patarin for bloggerFinding cold spots on your windows mean that the insulation of your window is wearing off and need replacement. During the winter months, do you find your windows feel extremely cold? This will put added pressure on your HVAC system and raising your energy costs.
  3. Feeling cold drafts by your windows is another sign that you will be looking into replacement. This means that there is an issue with your insulation and if moisture enters through then you could end up replacing interior products from mold or water damage.
  4. When the window sticks or constantly closes when trying to keep open then you will need a new window. This is a sign that the frame has warped in some way and preventing the smooth opening and closing motion of your windows.
  5. Cloudiness of your windows is also a sign of replacement. Most windows are double or triple panes and are designed to keep moisture out. If there are signs of cloudiness then that means air is entering in between the window panes.

When you inspect your windows and find any of these issues it is important to find a contractor that will provide quality window replacement. If you are looking for expert window replacement then I suggest visiting Metropolitan Contractors at They provide expert knowledge and quality products for all of Northern Virginia.