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Common Infertility Problems Women Face

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Mysterious infertility issues frequently prevent a couple from conceiving. In fact, about 10% of women either cannot conceive or are unable to sustain pregnancy according to recent statistics. Many problems can be traced to a condition or a lifestyle issue originating with the mother or father; others require medical treatment. Here are some of the problems infertility doctors like IVF Phoenix have discovered and are able to treat.


Fallopian Tubes

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Following a sexual assault or infection caused by sexually transmitted diseases, some women’s fallopian tubes become damaged or blocked. Eggs are also blocked as the ovaries try to release them, resulting in the inability to conceive.


Low-Quality Eggs

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Usually a woman’s eggs are fertile enough for conception up to her mid-thirties. After that time they generally become too mature to accept fertilization. That is why many of the couples who approach an infertility clinic for help are in their late 30s or early 40s. They cannot successfully conceive without the help of infertility doctors.


Ovulation Problems

Eggs might be in great shape and the fallopian tubes could be healthy, but a woman still suffers from ovulation issues. Her periods are extremely light or she bleeds heavily. She might not have regular periods. Often there is no medical condition associated with irregular or extreme periods: just lifestyle choices and body weight. Women who are overweight or underweight could have trouble conceiving. Being overweight can also cause follicles that release eggs to perform inadequately.


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Tissue from the uterus should only grow in that organ, but it sometimes grows on the outside. Pregnancy cannot be sustained if an egg attaches to the outer part of one’s uterus. The result would be an ectopic pregnancy ending in heavy bleeding, even hemorrhage. Sometimes tissue blocks the fallopian tubes so an egg will not be released at all. Surgery could be required and in vitro fertilization will assist many women unable to conceive due to endometriosis.


More Conditions

These are just a sample of common problems couples face and which motivate a visit to their nearest infertility clinic. Infertility doctors have zeroed in on several other possible answers, though many of these conditions are rare. Often no specific issue can be discovered but in vitro fertilization could still provide an answer to infertility in these cases.

Solving the Infertility Puzzle

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Before taking this expensive road to conception, one with no guarantees, couples should consider looking at a few other possibilities. A visit to one’s GP will rule out cancer or some other disease which is interfering with conception or a woman’s ability to sustain pregnancy. The man should also go for a checkup in case something is preventing him from contributing healthy sperm to the process.


Keeping a careful record of monthly symptoms (intensity of bleeding, location and severity of pain, times of pain throughout the month) will help a doctor narrow down possible reasons for infertility.


Many physicians recommend that their patients make lifestyle adjustments such as losing or gaining weight, taking up exercise, smoking cessation, or quitting drinking. Alternative health specialists such as naturopaths and dietitians will have some suggestions as well.


Even after all of the advice has been weighed and applied to one’s life, becoming pregnant appears impossible. Now is the time to visit an infertility clinic and talk about options such as drug therapy or in vitro fertilization. Success varies from 10% to around two-thirds depending on the condition and treatment.