How to Find the Best Carpet Cleaning Service near You

When it comes to the service industry, whether it’s a service for yourself like a haircut or a service for your home such as a carpet cleaning service, there can be some pretty big differences between the levels of “service” you can get for your money. As a bargain hunter, I always like to look a litter deeper and really know what im getting when I pay for any service. This was no different the moment I decided to shop around for a cleaning company. Recently I noticed how dingy and discolored the carpeting in my home was getting. It made sense to me after all the family had had a long and active summer.

A Busy Summer for the Family Made for Dirty Carpets

kids playing indoors on living room carpetOur days were full of the kids having friends over along with countless trips outside and back in. Unfortunately they rarely remember to take their shoes off when they come in the house but since we have dogs anyways it’s not like they are making a much bigger mess than the pets drag in. Either way I knew it was time to call a carpet cleaning service to come and do a thorough cleaning for pretty much all the carpets and rugs in my home except for the upstairs office when got neglected this summer with such nice weather.

Finding the Best Carpet Cleaning Option

doing my researchBeing my usual self, I did quite a bit of research, scraping up every online review and carefully looking into different cleaning processes to make sure I found a reliable company that was going to help return my carpets back to their original level of clean. I had read an article not long ago warning about the dangers of companies who use too many chemicals to achieve results that look great on the service but are not healthy for people or pets. This was something I really wanted to avoid. Before long I found a green carpet cleaning service that avoided the use of chemicals throughout their whole process.

The owners seemed really nice as well judging from the website to I went out on a limb and gave Chem-Dry (their name) a call. Boy was I happy a week later after the cleaning was done. You don’t realize how much dirt builds up until your carpets are clean again and you remember what color they were originally.