Finding the Best Carpet Cleaner in Omaha – Or Wherever You Live

It’s no wonder that carpet cleaning companies are very busy this time of year. Many of us are hosting parties, get-togethers, and guests from out-of-town – and we want to present our homes in the best possible light. If there’s one time of year we our carpets need to be spotless, it’s this one. There’s just one problem: Many of us are busy and we don’t know who to call. How can we find a quality carpet cleaner without spending much time doing it?

The key to finding a carpet cleaner you can trust isn’t spending a lot of time researching. Instead, it’s as easy as asking your prospects a few questions over the phone. Try the three questions below. The answers you get should narrow your prospects to the carpet cleaners that will do a great job for you.

  1. Do they offer free estimates?

Simply put, the best carpet cleaning companies offer free estimates. In terms of pricing, these companies tend to be competitive, and that’s what you want. Successful cleaning companies are built on quality work and repeat business; they’re not willing to compromise these ideals with pricing that’s too high or too low.

Cleaning companies offer free estimates also tend to be good at what they do. They know their technicians will answer questions satisfactorily and will create a good impression; if they get to meet you, they’ll get the job. Companies that are reluctant to provide a free estimate, in person or otherwise, are not confident. They have better luck winning jobs when potential customers know less about them. These are the companies you’ll want to avoid.

  1. How long will it take for their cleaned carpets to dry?

Not enough homeowners ask about drying time in advance, but they should. Drying time can be a big consideration – especially in homes with children or pets. Depending on the methods and equipment used, the drying time of cleaned carpets can vary from as little as two hours to up to two days.

So why do some carpets take so much longer to dry? Some cleaning methods are more moisture-intensive than others. Steam cleaning, for example, applies water to carpeting at high pressure. Metro Chem-Dry, the company I use to clean my carpets, applies a hot carbonated solution at low pressure. Lower pressure means lighter application, which in turn means shorter drying times. Also: truck-mounted equipment will leave behind less moisture than portable cleaning machines.

  1. Are they bonded and insured?

When a company is bonded and insured, they’re protecting you against potential harm. They’re paying an insurance premium to cover any potential damage to your property. If they’re bonded, they’re also paying a premium to a surety company that will make good on any job that isn’t completed; the surety company can also be contacted in the event of poor work.

Companies that are bonded and insured aren’t more likely to run into problems. Just the opposite. These are the companies that believe in taking responsibility and doing things the right way – even if it costs a bit more. That’s the kind of company you want to hire.