Month: December 2014

How Replacement Windows Can Save You Money

outdated and cracked home windowAn old window with cracks and discoloration may make your home look old and depreciate its price as it makes your house look old and dilapidated. This is a big concern particularly in areas of the country known for having historic homes such as the Northeastern United States. There’s a huge chance that older windows may  easily break and the glass might get shattered by a little pressure. It also takes a lot of time and effort to maintain them, so it’s better to replace your old windows rather than spend a fortune on your windows’ maintenance. We can also tell you how replacement windows can save you money over the life of their use.

What to Consider Before Replacing Home Windows

There are a lot of factors to be considered and guidelines to be followed. You should consider not only the price of new window replacements but also overall value, efficiency for your home and what sort of warranty you get when you purchase them. All these guidelines will help you understand how replacement windows can save you money, time and effort in making your home a better place. Replacement windows are also good investments for a more comfortable home.

Choose High Quality Glass and Window Frame Materials

The first guideline in choosing a replacement window is to select windows with frames and sashes made from premium grade materials. This  ensures a longer lifetime for your windows and vinyl is the best choice because it is cost efficient, durable and very easy to maintain. My recommendation is that you look into Fibrex, a composite material developed by the Andersen window brand. The Andersen replacement window division also uses this window frame material for all of their products. They also use double pane glass with argon glass that increases efficiency as well.

Efficiency is Key

energy star logoChoose replacement windows that could insulate heat efficiently. Select windows that are in the ENERGY STAR program. These windows are designed to efficiently keep the heat out during hot summer days and make your home comfortable warm during cold winter days. Windows in cooler climates must meet more strict requirements to be certified because its based on how much energy is needed to heat and cool your home. Obviously you will not need as much energy to make your home comfortable if you are in a temperate climate.

Consider your Home

Choose the window style that suits your home, windows are supposed to compliment and emphasize the beauty of your home so it is a must that the windows are in sync with the design of your house. You can look at styles online, ask your window dealer or simply check out what types of windows your neighbors have to decide what types you want to have installed in your home.

Choose your Contractor

Lastly, in choosing replacement windows, buy from trusted dealers. The quality of your windows also depends on how trustworthy the seller is. Now you know how replacement windows can save you money and improve your home.