Month: May 2014

3 Ways to Improve Your Car and Increase Value

Like many things in life, automobiles are an asset that depreciates and will most likely lose value over time. However, if you are looking to protect your investment as much as possible you may need to invest some time and elbow grease into your car. Below are three tips to improving your car’s appearance that can also help to increase your re-sale price.

Window Tinting DurangoDe-clutter Your Car: After all, presentation is everything! No one wants to ride around in car that is piled high with clothes, fast food wrappers, and junk. Cleaning out your car should be on you to-do list because, best of all, it’s free! You will be surprised the difference a pristine and clean car will make as opposed to a messy one. It is sure to raise your potential selling price and depending on how many things you have in your car, you could potentially improve your gas mileage.

Get Your Information in Order: Everyone can say they properly maintained their vehicle however; having the evidence in black and white can only help to assure your buyer. Keep a folder of any and all repairs and maintenance records. This proves that you have cared for your car and that is priceless to your potential buyer. If you haven’t kept your receipts, don’t worry. Check with your auto repair shop. Depending on their business practices some companies keep receipts on file for up to three years following service. Also do your homework. Have a copy of your CarFax or Experian report so that way you know what your buyer knows as well.

Make Those Fixes You’ve Been Putting Off: That dent in the bumper, scratch in your window tint, or scuffed car door paint, it’s time to finally cough up the money and repair your car. Your potential car buyer is going to potentially over-estimate the repair costs or just not even consider buying your car if they see glaring imperfections. Getting your car repainted or upgrading your window tinting are relatively small costs compared to the potential loss of funds if those problems make your buyer walk.