Month: March 2014

Signs of a Faulty Toilet

Toilets seem to be one thing in a home that never seems to work properly. With the toilet’s sophisticated system it can be difficult to determine the device needs an expert technical repair or a simple push on the handle to make it stop running water. There are few warning signs that you may experience when you should call a professional plumber to address. These issues can cause water damage to your home if not solved immediately. If you ever find an issue where your toilet is over flowing with water and then turn of the emergency shut off vale behind the toilet bowl. Here are the signs you need to be looking out for:

  • Your toilet is running constantly. When you toilet runs it is draining water that you are paying for every month and if not addressed it can raise your water bill significantly.
    The most common cause of a running toilet is a faulty flapper. The flapper is the device in the tank that controls the flow of water into your toilet bowl.
  • Leaks. There are many different causes for leaks that include a broken supply line, cracked bowl or tank, broken seal, or loose nuts and bolts. All of these issues could be addressed with your DIY style of repair, but some may require an expert plumber. If you run into a leaky situation turn off the emergency valve in the back and contact a professional.
  • Trickling inside of the tank. If you are hearing a trickling sound inside of your toilet then you may find yourself having to repair the refill tube. This can be a complicated repair and if done incorrectly can cause water damage to your home.

If you have any of these issues with your toilet and can’t figure out how to fix it yourself then I would strongly suggest contacting a professional plumber. If you are trying to solve the issue yourself I would suggest visiting Mr. Rooter’s website at, for repair information and examples. They provide great “ask the expert” information that could just give you the information to solve your toilet issues.

Why You Should Buy on Credit

With recent retail security breaches, credit cards have gotten a bad reputation. However, if used properly credit cards can be a great financial tool. As long as you pay off your credit card balance every month you will never pay interest on a credit card. Interest can add up exponentially which is typically what gets people into credit card debt. If you look at using a credit card more as a debit card, meaning you do not spend more money than you have, then you can take advantage of the bonuses credit card companies and providers offer their financially responsible consumers. Listed are the top 3 reasons why using Visa credit cards are better than cash.

Visa Credit CardBetter Your Credit Score and History

Your credit score can affect a wide range of financial decisions such as your mortgage rate or an auto loan. By buying on credit and using it responsibly you can increase your credit score and put yourself on a strong financial path. By paying off your bill every month you are proving to financial lenders that you won’t borrow more than you can pay back.

Protect Your Money

Whether it’s buying in person or online your money will truly be safer with a credit card. Debit cards, checks, and cash are withdrawn instantly. Yet, credit card purchases are paid at a later date. If there is a fraud or theft situation you can file a report with your provider and your money isn’t left in the balance.

Reap the Benefits

Most credit cards offer some form of reward incentives. Whether it’s 1% or 3% cash back on your purchases, for every purchase you make and pay off you are earning interest. Some cards even offer their rewards in the form of frequent flyer miles. Overtime with your responsible spending you can earn a free flight to take that long awaited vacation.

Credit cards are the fastest and most convenient form of spending. Call Federal Credit Union serves the metro Richmond, Virginia area and its surrounding counties including Chesterfield, Hanover, and Henrico. Call Federal offers a number of Visa credit cards with a variety of benefits and rewards. Call or visit your local branch to speak with a financial adviser and find out more information on which credit card best fits your needs.

Auto Insurance

Finding the right Fairfax auto insurance provider for you

Unfortunately, all drivers are at risk of accidents, vehicle damage or theft. It is therefore important that you find the right insurance cover. If you’re looking for affordable car insurance, then you’ll first need to understand how your individual situation effects your insurance opportunities. Provided that you bear this in mind, you should be able to find the right Fairfax auto insurance provider for you.

Car insurance providers: your options

Car insurance is there to support you in the financial repercussions of physical damage to you or your vehicle. There are several considerations to make when looking for the most affordable and appropriate car insurance for you which may be important in saving you time and money, and in insuring you receive the cover you require.

First, you will need to consider what kind of insurance cover your require. While some companies will provide cover primarily for road traffic accidents, other deals may allow you to receive financial cover in the case of vandalism and theft. You should also consider whether a company’s ‘deductibles’ are acceptable for you – this is the amount under which an insurance company will not pay out. Finally, you may also want to take multiple insurance deals into consideration: quite often, insurance companies are able to provide you with substantial discounts when you rely on them for not only car insurance, but also home insurance.

What influences your insurance costs?

Because car insurance costs work around statistics, the simple fact is that some people will receive cheaper insurance costs than others. There are several factors which influence these costs, including your gender, age, driving experience, driving history and location. Overall, young male drivers with little driving experience, poor driving history and who’s car is registered in an area in which accidents are more likely to happen tend to pay higher insurance costs.

Fence Building Service Experience

Have you been thinking about building a fence in your backyard? I did recently and wanted to share my experience. It all started when from wanting a little more privacy to enjoy my backyard. A six foot wooden privacy fence is what my wife and I ended up deciding on and we are really glad we had it built. At first we really didn’t know what we were looking for in a fence. It didn’t take me too long based on research to realize I wanted a wooden fence and something that was going to be tall enough to not only keep the dogs in the backyard but also one that would make us feel like we had a more private yard.

Researching Fence Builders

our cedar fence in the backyard, Houston TxAfter searching the web a little while for reviews and information on different Houston fence builders, I found this website from an installation company that really seemed to focus on the customer. At first I tried calling a few local companies that were much less friendly. The first one was frustrated when I didn’t know exactly what I wanted right from the start and was unwilling to help me decide what to have installed based on their different offerings and fencing materials.

Work Done Right

Thankfully we were able to find Fencing pro who was much more helpful. After talking to them for a good while we decided the best option for us was a red cedar fence. While these are a little more expensive than some of the other options out there such as pine fences, we couldn’t resist the deep color and feel of cedar. I must say it goes great with our home and the installation could not have gone better. We now have a fence that is sturdy and looks amazing in our backyard.

Finding the Right HVAC Company

When it comes to finding a good Heating and Air Conditioning company in your area, you want to make sure that you find one with good friendly technicians, up to date technology and equipment, and fairly priced, affordable rates.  Finding a gem like this may seem difficult to uncover at first, but there are a few steps that you can take to make sure that you find the perfect company or contractor in your area.


The first step in figuring out who in your area is the best for HVAC related services and repairs, start off with some research conducted on Google.  I will use my hometown, Cleveland Ohio for an example. Begin by searching for [AC repair Cleveland], and note the top 10 results for websites that are actual companies and contractors.  If you find one for yelp, yellowpages, or, you can skip those for now.  What we want now, is a list of target companies for the next step of research.


Okay, now the fun part.  Navigate over to yelp, Google+ search, and Angie’s List (make an account if you don’t already have one!).  Look at the list of prospect companies and contractors from your initial research, and go through each website looking closely for any and all reviews about that particular company.  The best thing here is to note whether or not they have positive, negative, or no reviews.  Those with a lot of negative reviews are worth eliminating, however if you find one or two negative reviews and some positive reviews, then take the negative reviews with a grain of salt.  Once you have things ordered based on reputation, pick 3 and have them conduct estimates.  Of the three, compare the prices offered by each and select the one you feel most comfortable with – however be weary if one of them is far lower in price than another.  Affordability does not always mean high quality work!

Of course, for those in Cleveland who are curious about who my go-to company for heating and air conditioning related repairs and services are, visit their website.

Keep the Lights On With Electricians In Chattanooga

As a society, we have life pretty good. With the flip of a switch, we have light that allows us to work all hours of the day. We never have to stop working. Electricity powers everything that we use in the home: coffee makers, water heaters, computers, stoves and refrigerators. So when the power goes out, you need to know who to call. Electricians in Chattanooga are hoping that you will call them.

Living in Tennesee, you’re at the mercy of the weather. Hurricanes are very common in the late summer and your power is sure to get knocked out. When it does, don’t try to fix it yourself. Working with electricity is extremely dangerous and a false move can be fatal. Call one of the Chattanooga electricians before you attempt to troubleshoot anything. They’ve lived in town long enough to know that hurricane season is a busy time. Power lines do not do well with gale force winds and neither would you! Every electrician is on the phone and at the ready when the power goes down. They can be out to your house in just a matter of minutes. When the power does go out, you want them to save the day.

Electricity is a critical part of our lives. We flip a switch and we have heat and light. It’s magical how electricity works. Without electricity, we become paralyzed in our daily lives. Leave it up to the pros when it comes to fixing an electrical problem. You never want to risk being electrocuted. Your best bet is to call the electrician for any electrical issue. Flickering light, faulty sockets and anything else should be left up to them. They have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. The next time your lights go out, you know exactly who to call.

Finding the Right Richmond Dentist

Being new to the Richmond area has its ups and downs.  The positive side is that it can be a brand new start, a clean slate to make a name for yourself.  It’s also an opportunity to make new friends.  The challenges though may be finding the necessary services that you are used to in this new area.  Things like shopping for groceries, finding places to eat out, or a new gym to attend are things you may or may not find too difficult to adapt to.   Finding a new dentist is also going to be a big part of your list of things to look for.  Choosing the right dentist will get a lot easier now after reading about Richmond Dental Health.  Here are great services that they provide for someone new to the area.

Child Friendly

pediatric-dentistIf you have little ones, you probably already know that they are not very fond of going in for any kind of medical appointment.  Then again, can you really blame them?  Most adults don’t like going in for them either.  The doctors and assistants at Richmond Dental Health like to become familiar faces to your children that they can trust.  They make a good dental experience not only relaxing for children but rewarding for practicing good oral hygiene.

Sedation Dentistry

Sometimes, we will go to the dentist for more than just the basic cleaning.  There may be times when you will be in long, uncomfortable, or even painful procedures that can eventually generate a phobia of going in for another appointment.  The option to be sedated for different procedures gives patients a way to feel relaxed during their visit.  It can also allow them to do longer procedures in one visit rather than schedule multiple ones.


Choosing the right dentist for their practices, and customer service is one thing.  Getting a dentist that is affordable is another.  Luckily, Richmond Dental Health accepts a variety of insurance plans, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be able to pay an affordable price for your care.

Visit for more information on great family dentistry in Richmond.

Finding Landscaping Services Kirkland WA

With winter becoming a distant memory and spring coming upon us, my wife and I are looking forward to sitting out on our front porch again on weekends to just enjoy the weather.  We’ve been enjoying the house even more since our two sons finally moved into their own apartments out in Redmond.  It’s a little quieter in the house, but it is still rather peaceful.  However, I never realized how much work the boys had around the house until they were gone.  It was back to me and my wife picking up most of the chores again.  Though, at our older ages, it just wasn’t as easy as it used to be.

Taking care of the lawn was one of the bigger obstacles.  Our lawn is huge, and we have no access to a riding lawn mower because our old one broke down some time ago.  We had our sons use the push mower to get the job done.  I had recently suffered a back injury from a car accident, so I couldn’t force straining it while going up and down the incline that our yard has.  Plus there is a lot more to having a beautiful lawn than just simply mowing it.  You have to fertilize, aerate, water it, kill weeds, and more.  It is a lot of work throughout the seasons!

My wife worries about my physical health way more than I do which is sad, but she suggested that we hire professionals to do our yard work for us.  I was hesitant at first feeling like nobody knows my own lawn better than I do, but I decided to give it a shot anyway.  After a quick search I came across The Grounds Guys of Redmond.  Though we live in Kirkland, we were relieved to find out that they served our city as well.

grounds guysAfter scheduling and having our first appointment, we were very impressed by the professionalism, equipment, customer service, and overall results that The Grounds Guys had provided us.  This is one household task that I am gladly leaving in their hands for years to come.  Now I will be able to enjoy spring without the stress and worry of taking care of my yard.

Tinting Your Windows

When we built our house 5 years ago, I was very involved in the process. I took charge of every detail, learning everything I could about lighting, plumbing, and more. It was overwhelming when so many aspects of building and interior design kept popping up that I never thought would be an issue. One thing I had never considered in the past was choosing windows.

When we were just finishing up the final touches of the house, two of my friends asked me if I was going to tint the windows. I thought they were crazy. I thought that was just for privacy in cars or office spaces. I had never considered tinting the windows in my home before.

As I began to research, I realized that there were many benefits I had never realized. Did you know that you can actually save money by tinting your windows in the long run? It is energy efficient and lowers your heating and air conditioning bills. The next week, I called Midwest Glass Tinters Chicago to get an estimate.

I also never knew that a subtle tint could change the entire look of my house for the better. The smallest touch looked expensive and really made my home stand out from the neighbors. I also felt a sense of security knowing that it was a little more difficult for passersby to peek inside.

I highly recommend tinting your windows. There will be less intense light, which fades interior fabrics and can cause a glare in the mornings. I think that this touch made an overall more peaceful environment in my home, and I love the way it looks!

Your Car Windshield Is Damaged – What To Do

Here in Portland, Maine, gravelly roads and long, cold winters are just part of life. That means we see our share of chipped and cracked car windshields. When your car’s windshield is damaged – even just a chip – you need to contact a repair service as soon as possible. Timing is important. Tiny chips can become small cracks, and small cracks can become too large to be repaired.

That said, it may take a little while to arrange an appointment for your windshield repair. If that’s the case, you’ll want to safeguard your windshield against further damage until help arrives. Here are some precautions you can take to avoid making the damage worse and turning that minor repair into a more costly replacement.

Avoid temperature extremes

Even when your windshield is free of damage, extremes in temperature can put it under stress. When your windshield is chipped or cracked, these stresses can make the damage expand much more quickly. So use common sense: Don’t park your car in the direct sunlight where interior heat can build up. Don’t blast your air conditioning or your defroster – let the temperature change more slowly and gradually than you normally would.

Avoid moisture

Moisture is a key factor in turning small chips in windshields into the kind of damage that requires a replacement; this is especially true in the winter when moisture is freezing and expanding. You’ll want to keep your car covered, if possible. If possible, try putting a little clear tape over the damage; this will keep dirt out as well. And don’t think about washing your car until one of Portland’s professional windshield repair companies corrects the issue.

Be sensible about driving

The degree of damage to your windshield dictates how much you need to protect it. If your damage is relatively light, you can continue to drive your car. Just try to avoid slamming doors with the windows all the way up, as the increase in air pressure makes a strong outward push your compromised windshield doesn’t need. Of course, don’t drive if the damage has compromised your driving vision – that isn’t safe for you or anyone else.

If you follow this advice, you’ll be more likely to keep damage to a minimum, and more likely to be able to correct the issue with some professionally-applied resin and without a new windshield. Here’s to hoping that you get that windshield repaired quickly and safely.