Month: March 2014

Why You Should Buy on Credit

With recent retail security breaches, credit cards have gotten a bad reputation. However, if used properly credit cards can be a great financial tool. As long as you pay off your credit card balance every month you will never pay interest on a credit card. Interest can add up exponentially which is typically what gets people into credit card debt. If you look at using a credit card more as a debit card, meaning you do not spend more money than you have, then you can take advantage of the bonuses credit card companies and providers offer their financially responsible consumers. Listed are the top 3 reasons why using Visa credit cards are better than cash.

Visa Credit CardBetter Your Credit Score and History

Your credit score can affect a wide range of financial decisions such as your mortgage rate or an auto loan. By buying on credit and using it responsibly you can increase your credit score and put yourself on a strong financial path. By paying off your bill every month you are proving to financial lenders that you won’t borrow more than you can pay back.

Protect Your Money

Whether it’s buying in person or online your money will truly be safer with a credit card. Debit cards, checks, and cash are withdrawn instantly. Yet, credit card purchases are paid at a later date. If there is a fraud or theft situation you can file a report with your provider and your money isn’t left in the balance.

Reap the Benefits

Most credit cards offer some form of reward incentives. Whether it’s 1% or 3% cash back on your purchases, for every purchase you make and pay off you are earning interest. Some cards even offer their rewards in the form of frequent flyer miles. Overtime with your responsible spending you can earn a free flight to take that long awaited vacation.

Credit cards are the fastest and most convenient form of spending. Call Federal Credit Union serves the metro Richmond, Virginia area and its surrounding counties including Chesterfield, Hanover, and Henrico. Call Federal offers a number of Visa credit cards with a variety of benefits and rewards. Call or visit your local branch to speak with a financial adviser and find out more information on which credit card best fits your needs.

Auto Insurance

Finding the right Fairfax auto insurance provider for you

Unfortunately, all drivers are at risk of accidents, vehicle damage or theft. It is therefore important that you find the right insurance cover. If you’re looking for affordable car insurance, then you’ll first need to understand how your individual situation effects your insurance opportunities. Provided that you bear this in mind, you should be able to find the right Fairfax auto insurance provider for you.

Car insurance providers: your options

Car insurance is there to support you in the financial repercussions of physical damage to you or your vehicle. There are several considerations to make when looking for the most affordable and appropriate car insurance for you which may be important in saving you time and money, and in insuring you receive the cover you require.

First, you will need to consider what kind of insurance cover your require. While some companies will provide cover primarily for road traffic accidents, other deals may allow you to receive financial cover in the case of vandalism and theft. You should also consider whether a company’s ‘deductibles’ are acceptable for you – this is the amount under which an insurance company will not pay out. Finally, you may also want to take multiple insurance deals into consideration: quite often, insurance companies are able to provide you with substantial discounts when you rely on them for not only car insurance, but also home insurance.

What influences your insurance costs?

Because car insurance costs work around statistics, the simple fact is that some people will receive cheaper insurance costs than others. There are several factors which influence these costs, including your gender, age, driving experience, driving history and location. Overall, young male drivers with little driving experience, poor driving history and who’s car is registered in an area in which accidents are more likely to happen tend to pay higher insurance costs.

Finding the Right HVAC Company

When it comes to finding a good Heating and Air Conditioning company in your area, you want to make sure that you find one with good friendly technicians, up to date technology and equipment, and fairly priced, affordable rates.  Finding a gem like this may seem difficult to uncover at first, but there are a few steps that you can take to make sure that you find the perfect company or contractor in your area.


The first step in figuring out who in your area is the best for HVAC related services and repairs, start off with some research conducted on Google.  I will use my hometown, Cleveland Ohio for an example. Begin by searching for [AC repair Cleveland], and note the top 10 results for websites that are actual companies and contractors.  If you find one for yelp, yellowpages, or, you can skip those for now.  What we want now, is a list of target companies for the next step of research.


Okay, now the fun part.  Navigate over to yelp, Google+ search, and Angie’s List (make an account if you don’t already have one!).  Look at the list of prospect companies and contractors from your initial research, and go through each website looking closely for any and all reviews about that particular company.  The best thing here is to note whether or not they have positive, negative, or no reviews.  Those with a lot of negative reviews are worth eliminating, however if you find one or two negative reviews and some positive reviews, then take the negative reviews with a grain of salt.  Once you have things ordered based on reputation, pick 3 and have them conduct estimates.  Of the three, compare the prices offered by each and select the one you feel most comfortable with – however be weary if one of them is far lower in price than another.  Affordability does not always mean high quality work!

Of course, for those in Cleveland who are curious about who my go-to company for heating and air conditioning related repairs and services are, visit their website.

Dental service is a necessity

If you haven’t seen a dentist in a long time then you need a cosmetic dentistry service right now! Oral hygiene is vital aspect of overall health and improper hygiene can lead to bad overall health. You can actually increase the longevity of your life if you stay on top of your teeth cleaning and a dentist can help you do that.

I used to go to the dentist all the time when I was in high school, but once I graduated from college I stopped going to the dentist thinking that it is not super important because I am so young and I brush every day. That was until my teeth started hurting and my jaw was in a lot of pain. Turns out I was overdue for having my wisdom teeth pulled and they began causing me large amounts of pain and discomfort.

I decided to look around Richmond, Virginia, for cosmetic dentistry and found the best cosmetic dentist called Modern Dentistry. They have very experienced dentists and provide a wide range of procedures including handling my wisdom teeth. The doctors were able to assist me in cleaning my teeth and making sure they were no other issues other than my wisdom teeth. The whole staff was very friendly and I was excited to find out that they had weekend hours so I wouldn’t have to miss work for dentist appointments.

It is very important that you see an oral doctor at least twice a year. By seeing the dentist twice a year they will be able to take preventative measures to ensure the health of your teeth. If you decide that you shouldn’t see the dentist then later on in your life you may experience deterioration of your teeth. This will make eating and drinking difficult when you become an older person.

Once you have ended up in your golden years and your teeth are decayed and in rough shape there won’t be much the dentists can do to save your teeth. This is why we see a lot of images of older people having dentures, because they didn’t stay on top of their oral hygiene.

Lifeguard Certification Classes

I can remember my first job in high school as a lifeguard for Water Country USA and the enjoyment of being a lifeguard. Becoming a lifeguard is one of the top jobs for high school

students over the summer months because of the flexibility of their schedules and the extreme levels of energy they have. Unlike Water Country USA most pools and aquatic centers require you to have your lifeguard certification from an outside source. Finding the right course at the right place can be a difficult class. Some classes are outrageously priced and don’t provide the knowledge actually needed to save lives.

In Richmond, Virginia, there is one aquatic center that I am always hearing kids going to these days for certification is Collegiate School Aquatics Center. They provide American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification classes for adults and kids over the age of 15. In this class they cover all the important topics of being a lifeguard like pool surveillance, rescue skills, first aid and CPR, victim assessment, and head, neck and spinal care. The course only takes twenty five hours to complete and you will be able to use this certification at a vast majority of pools and aquatic centers.

Like most emergency response personal you have to be in a certain physical condition in order to take the class. These prerequisites include swimming three hundred yards continuously, ability to tread water with only their legs for two minutes, and swim twenty yards then dive seven feet to retrieve a ten pound brick and return to the starting point in under a minute and forty seconds. If you can pass these prerequisite challenges then you are able to take the course. This is for your own safety because if you can’t perform these tasks without endangering yourself then there is no chance you can assist a drowning victim.

All of the instructors are certified to teach this course through the American Red Cross and the Collegiate School Aquatics Center provides a very flexible time schedule for participates to take the course. Not only is the course times flexible but the class cost is very fair and competitive from the other classes around the

Richmond area.

Canon imageRunner Printer

There are many different brands of office equipment to choose from but it can be difficult to choose the best brand for your company. One of the best brands for office technologies is Canon and they have been supplying top line products for years now. They provide a wide variety of products like Network Video Cameras, Large format scanners, production photo printers, and high output printers.

One way to find the best brand is coupling it with a great company that services that brand. There is a fantastic company called Cobb Technologies that provide a wide range of Canon’s top office products. I am going to go into the benefits of the Canon imageRunner 7059 Printer and why this is a great choice of printer for your company.

  1. This product is ideal for print only environments that have large volumes of transactions and host-based printing. With a print speed ranging from 80 to 150 pages per minute this black and white printer offers a great level of output. If your office is printing a lot of documents and then this is the product for you.
  2. Not only does it print at high speeds it also has the ability to be configured to execute a large output of print jobs with very little operator involvement. In other words you can let it run for an hour and you won’t have to be there to baby it through the process.
  3. This also has a great hole punching feature that makes this printer great for large volume catalogs or pamphlets. Your company’s training manuals and informational packets can be completed with a push of a button with very little interaction with the machine. This leads to increased productivity of your employees. They don’t need to stand by the machine and service it every five minutes.
  4. There are no worries for security because this device comes with today’s latest management and security system. Making sure that your information stays secure and away from those wishing to cause harm with the information.

These are all great benefits of the Canon imageRunner 7059 printer and you can find this product at a great company called Cobb Technologies in Richmond, VA. It is also being sold all over the country by various vendors and companies.

A Replacement Window Story

anderson windowAfter years of putting up with high energy bills resulting from inefficient windows I decided to take the plunge towards investing in new windows. I know it was going to be a sizable investment from the start so I wanted to make sure I got the best product I could find because I was not going to replace my windows again anytime in the next 20 years. After doing a bit of research a looking at the websites of several local Denver window replacement contractors, I decided to call Renewal by Andersen Denver because the Andersen brand of windows had such great reviews nationally.

Pricing Concerns

I have to be honest, many of the windows I was looking at were cheaper than the ones I chose. And if anyone knows me well, they know I usually won’t overpay for an item. That said; I was convinced that renewal windows from the Andersen brand would pay for themselves over time. I did some research on this as well.

Window and Home Value

For one, they increase property value if I ever decide to sell my home. Its no secret to most homeowners with any brains how high quality they are. Energy efficiency is a big factor too as they decrease power bills each month. This is a great way to see savings even in the short term. Finally I know they will last much longer than some cheap vinyl windows.

It’s not something I do every time but when the item is good enough sometimes the extra cost is worth the expense of getting a premium home improvement product.